What about His Life after He Renounced the World?

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Having tried in vain to persuade him to return, his father chose five men from his clan to accompany him. They were Kaundinya, Bhadrika, Vaspa, Mahanama, and Asvajit. Prince Siddhattha and his followers successively paid visits to three famous scholars and learned from them, but none of them could satisfy his quest. When he realized that no real path of deliverance (or absolution) was to be found in the philosophical thought of that time, he left for a forest on the banks of the Neranjara river, now the Lilaian, and lived there with other ascetics. In his search for emancipation, he went through suffering and pain for six years. However, since it proved fruitless, he began to understand that austerities were to no avail. So he went to take a bath in the Neranjara River, cleaning off all the dirt of six years. Then, after accepting the milk gruel offered by a herdswoman, his strength was restored afresh. When his five followers saw this, they thought he had abandoned his faith and spiritual efforts, so they left him for Benares City to continue their ascetic practices. The Prince then went alone to a Pippala three and made a seat with auspicious grass under the tree. Sitting down with his legs crossed and facing the east he vowed, “Now should I fail to attain supreme enlightenment, I would rather have my body decompose than rise from this seat.” In such a manner, he commenced meditation on absolution, and finally one night defeated the moral affliction and Mara’s temptations, achieved complete enlightenment, there by becoming a Buddha. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)