Conveying the Truth

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In ancient times, temple used to be the place where scriptures were translated. Today, temple should be still the place where scriptures are translated. Ancient people could not read Sanskrit and then they translated Sanskrit into ancient Chinese. Now over a thousand years, many people have been difficult to understand ancient Chinese. So we should look for ways to translate scriptures in ancient Chinese into demotic writing that all modern people could easily read and understand now. In ancient times, temple was a place where dharma was taught. Today it should be still a place where dharma and scriptures were taught. So called scripture teaching is to explain the truth Buddha found out; dharma teaching is to achieve the dharma gate of the truth of life. The Gateway looks in style and Buddha is solemn. Travelers burned incense, chanted and worshiped Buddha, which is just the appearance. The most important thing is how to convey the truth of life Buddha found to people and how to let people reach the truth of life. (From Words of Chan by Shi Yongxin)