Kungfu and Chan

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Kung-fu and Chan are regarded both as a kind of belief and a way of practice for Shaolin Monastery. Every second of every day in the past three decades, whether sitting in meditation at the Chan Hall or copping with daily chores, I take it as a way to practice Buddhism and cultivate spirits, and following the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, I lead disciples and cultural heritage bearers of Shaolin Temple remaining commitment to Buddhist doctrines and the spirit of practice and staying focused on traditions and realities down to the road. Furthermore, we will renew our commitment to embracing open-mind, tolerance, benevolence and alms-giving, and we will strive to live up to the Buddha’s original goals by martial arts and Chan meditation(Gong-fu and Chan) with gratitude and joy, and in this way the martial-art training would be conducive to the practitioner in gaining numerous awakenings before he arrives at his ultimate awakening and would help inculcate in him firm willpower, bravery, and sagacity.  (From a Speech by Shi Yongxin)