Wushu Chan

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The ideal state of Shaolin Kungfu practice is the attainment of “immutable mind”. I have been telling people for over twenty years that Shaolin Wushu is more than a series of movements and practice routines as these are only the outer form of Shaolin martial arts. The ultimate of Shaolin Kungfu is the practice of immutable mind and the unperturbed mind has equanimity, without attachments to the external appearance of Chan. Only when there is no attachments to the external appearances can one be deep and profound and change unpredictably. If one is not in a state of immutable mind, all the kungfu one has learned would be in vain because one is bound to be frantic and fearful at the juncture of life and death. If one achieves the state of immutable mind, then one will no longer be attached to life and be fearful of death. In this state, it does not mean one does not love life. On the contrary, one loves life even more. Only when one learns to love life does one understand the true purpose of studying Chan. One then questions: what kinds of life is worth loving? Only a life that is freed from worries and suffering is worth loving. Who then has a fervent love for life? Only those people who are freed from worries and sufferings will truly love life. In order to attain a state that is free from worries and sufferings, one must practice immutable mind. Wushu Chan is a wide open path towards the state of immutable mind. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)