Buddhism is not just about Bowing and Burning Incense

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Buddhism is not just about bowing and burning incense, it should be a higher level of cultural and spiritual dissemination. Following the footsteps of the ancient nasters, Mhayana Buddhism is not confined to the individual but to the sharing and dissemination of its concepts to the world. When the ancient master Bodhidharma came from afar to face the wall in meditative solitude for nine years, it is like what premier Zhou En-lai said, “face the wall for ten years with the motive of breaking it”. What Bodhidharma was after when he meditated for nine years was to realize the way of the mind, and then disseminate it to followers and believers. Walking in the path of the true teachings of the ancient masters, Mahayana Buddhism tells me that I have to walk, work, teach and liberate, and I can’t just reap the benefit of this ancient practice for myself. Moreover, the trend of renaissance of Eastern culture has provided the momentum to propel the teachings to the next generation. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)