Buddhist Culture and Buddhist Belief Are Different

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Buddhist culture and Buddhist belief are not the same. While Buddhist belief may appear stringent for some, Buddhist culture as part of human culture can be practiced by lay people and non-Buddhists based on the fundamental principles of compassion, peace and harmony.

In 1982, when the movie “Shaolin Temple” was released, the number visitors to Shaolin Temple increased from tens of thousands a year to several million a year. This is the power of Shaolin culture. In recent years when Chinese state officials go abroad, our Shaolin Kungfu monk troupe frequently accompany the visiting group. Shaolin Temple has become indelibly imprinted as the treasured heritage of the Chinese nation and Buddhist culture. Therefore, the Shaolin culture has become a bridge connecting China and the world. 

Culture instead of religion has become the main bridge and entry point in international communication. From the point of Chinese culture and philosophy, the teachings of Buddhism and Chan Buddhism naturally emerge. Although I can’t change the way I dress or look as a monk and representative of Shaolin Temple, I can always begin a dialogue about culture and have people listen to me with an open mind. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)