Different Choices

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Situated in different geological locations, each Chinese temple has its own unique living environments. Shaolin Temple is no different from other temples in the cities. As the outside world changes, our lives have no choice but to change and adapt to it.
By being actively involved in the secular world, Chinese Buddhism has demonstrated great wisdom and innovation which can lead to better understanding and relieving the suffering of all sentient beings.
The purpose of Shaolin’s entry into and interaction with the secular world is to encourage more people to learn about and understand Buddhism. While there may be a change in the form that Shaolin is practiced by the monks in the twenty first century, the spiritual core and path of Shaolin tradition remains unchanged. In fact modern technology will serve to enhance and propagate the traditional culture in ways that were unfathomable before.
Since my master passed down the responsibility of Shaolin Temple to me, I could not help but be concerned the future 1500 years of Shaolin Temple. Not only must I strive for the survival of Shaolin Temple, I must strive for the development of Shaolin Temple. Our historic mission is to pass down the Chinese Ch’an heritage from generation to generation. (From Shaolin Temple in My Heart)