What are the Characteristics of the Pure Land School?

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This school is characterized by its simplicity in practice and its strong appeal to the broad masses. According to this school it is necessary neither to master the Buddhist scriptures and study the doctrines extensively, nor to adopt meditation and special cultivation, but to keep reciting “Namo Aimta Buddha” while walking, standing, sitting or lying down. With sufficient faith and devotion to recite the Buddha’s name whole-heatedly and unremittingly, one can be reborn in the Pure Land shortly after death. Of course one should, too, observe the precepts, chant the suttas, and widely do good in daily life, so as to assist one in reaching the goal. Since the manipulation is so simple and thus easy to popularize, even scholars of other schools practice this method, thereby enabling the Pure Land School to command particular popularity in China. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)