Could You Please Summarize the Theories of the Pure Land Shool?

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This school was formed on the basis of the Sukhavati-vyuha and other texts, with the aim of advocating a practice of meditating and intoning Amita Buddha so as to gain rebirth in the Western Pure Land where Amita Buddha resides, Hence the name Pure Land School. This school divides the Buddha’s methods into two courses, the difficult course and the easy course. They point out that those schools who observe the Six Perfections and practice numerous exercises requiring discipline, concentration and wisdom over three long periods of time, belong to the difficult course; that the Pure Land School practice, on the other hand, is to devote one’s heart and soul to recitation of the Buddha’s name, and in this way one can go to the peaceful Pure Land at the moment of death by the power of Amita Buddha’s vow, so it falls under the category of easy course. Therefore, this school advises people to recite Amita Buddha’s name in order to attain rebirth in the Western Pure Land. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)