What are the Three Meditations?

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The first is the meditation on the ultimate reality of voidness. The second is the meditation on the unity of forms and substance without separation and hindrances. The third is the meditation on the universal harmony in which all dhammas abide. The establishment of the theories of the Six Features, ten Metaphysical Entrances, and Three Meditations expounds the gist of the Avatamsaka-sutra such as the Dependent Origination of the dhamma world, the unity of phenomena and truth without hindrance, no separation and hindrances among things or forms, all in infinite harmony. The Six Features and the Ten Metaphysical Entrances are used in meditation on the basis of dhamma world, while the Three All-round Meditations are used in the insight gained through wisdom.This view that the dhamma world is endlessly multi-meshed and in infinite harmony is in fact a unique creation of China despite its source from the Avatamsaka-sutra. Its doctrine of the Dependent Origination of the dhamma world without hindrances is an enormous development on the Mahayana doctrines introduction from India. (From Essentials of Buddhism: Questions and Answers)