Self-cultivation Pursued by Buddhist Votaries

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Self-cultivation pursued by Buddhist votaries must be strictly in compliance with sila and vinaya which are to guide them to proceed on the way leading to a life of integrity and to peace of mind. From sila and vinaya, Samadhi and wisdom would evolve, which are to bestow on them equanimity and sagacity. When a Buddhist votary stays within the precincts of a monastery, practicing his self-cultivation, he actually is administering salvation to himself, working towards attaining enlightenment. Before he can unfailingly marshal himself to proceed in the direction of attaining enlightenment, there is no telling whether he can cope with the task of preaching universal salvation to the masses. However in the last analysis a Buddhist votary cannot skip the procedure of associating his self-cultivation with the activities of preaching universal salvation to the masses if he really wants to ultimately reach enlightenment. I myself have taken part in social life of the mundane world. I have done that out of the motives of propagating Buddhism and pursuing my own self-cultivation. But some practitioners think otherwise and insist that self-cultivation can be brought to a successful end only in a milieu of close and ascetic seclusion. And I believe that it is simply a misunderstanding on their part of the nature of a Buddhist votary's self-cultivation that they are induced to obsess with conducting self-cultivation in close and ascetic seclusion. (From My Heart My Buddha)