Significance of Building up Patriotic Religious Bodies

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All the patriotic religious bodies in our country serve as a linkage to bridge over the vacuum between their followers and the Communist Party (plus the Central Government). Therefore it is obligatory for these religious bodies to get themselves constantly fortified and improved in fabric, so that the Communist Party’s policy on freedom of religious faith can be appropriately implemented. This is the proper way for laying down a sound organizational basis, on which not only normal religious activities in our country can be carried on without a hitch but the determent will be efficiently organized against the infiltrations which are often clothed in cassocks and perpetrated by inimical forces beyond the Chinese borders. When all the religious bodies in our country have become laudably sound in fabric, the Communist Party and the Central Government will become more discerning and insightful. Given the situation where all the religious bodies in China are very healthy texturally, any complication arising in the sector of religious faiths would be solved opportunely and appropriately with the help duly rendered by the religious bodies involved. I think that at the present stage the campaign aimed at strengthening various religious bodies across our country needs to focus on seeking solutions to the following two problems:

<1> Little financial support has ever been accorded to the local branches of various religious organizations by respective local governments so much so that such local branches are uniformly compelled to carry on their normal operations in shamefully shabby offices and use worn-out facilities.

<2> Some local governments would apathetically pay little attention to or virtually ignore the existence of their local religious organizations unless the former are confronted with difficulty which necessitates the assistance from their local religious organizations.

Now it is urgent that the paramount national religious affairs supervisory commission should take the initiative in organizing a national meeting for enacting a bill which is intended for setting down a scheme prescribing the appropriate ways for various religious bodies in China to raise funds and to do their respective financing. Such a scheme, once enacted, needs to be approved by the central authorities concerned so that the scheme would be vested with legitimacy. This is the only right path leading to the solution of financial difficulty experienced by various religious bodies. To those local religious bodies which are experiencing an acute financial crisis, it is incumbent, so I believe, upon the local governments concerned to provide them with adequate financial support. (From My Heart My Buddha)